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When we first founded our Tzimmers in Moshav Eitan, which is settled next to Kiryat Gat,  we were just like any other family with a busy daily routine, family, work, Kollel, bills etc.

The thing we were lacking most was a break for a breath.

We realized that we needed a getaway to escape to, however, without any discounts or compromises on our holy traditions.

Therefore, we decided to put up a tzimmers resort in a religious settlement.

A place to which a whole family could get away to for relaxation, while holding on to our holly traditions.


The luxurious tzimmer complex in Safed , which was founded in an ancient structure full of rich Jewish history , is also targeted towards  religious families who are eager for a Kosher vacation with some peace of mind and calming of the soul without any contradictions to their holy traditions, which they so loyally observe.

The luxurious suites in Safed, are situated in the Old City, a few steps away from the famous ancient shul of “Abuhav” and offer a spiritual experience combined with modern luxury mixed with ancient architecture.


We invite you to allow yourself to come out of your daily routine and come in to our tzimmers for an unforgettable vacation.

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