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Moshav Eitan Events

Shabbos Chatan

Congratulations! Another house built in Israel! And it's time to organize Shabbos and groom.

Why bother with accommodations, apartments, bed linen, dining space and entertainment programs for your guests?

Looking for a place that will also allow you to enjoy a different atmosphere, while will contain the whole family and, will also provide you with everything that is needed for a perfect pleasurable Shabbat?

Our accommodation in Moshav Eitan is the place for you.

In the heart of landscapes and nature, and yet not so distant, in a quiet location within walking distance of a synagogue. A spacious and well-equipped kitchen and plenty of space to make everyone comfortable.

With a huge outdoor area, well maintained and pampering with a children's play area, with a trampoline and toy cars, an out door fire area for kumziz, seating areas, two separate swimming pools! Allowing hours of fun and joy for the whole family.

Bar Mitzvah

Shabbat for the Torah is a great time for family unification.

Let's do it in an unconventional place.

A place that will allow children to run around, play and enjoy every moment,

while you can rest, converse, and breathe in clear air.

In our hospitality complex you will find everything you need to get this Shabbos to work with as little headache as possible:

Spacious and well equipped kitchen, clean bedrooms, huge and well maintained yard and plenty of air, nature and breathtaking views.

In the complex you will find a children's play area with a trampoline, trampoline, baby toy cars and more,  two separate swimming pools that allow hours of fun for the whole family.

Seminars and Trials

Looking for a place to bring a group to group up? A seminar of a few days or an annual trip?

You've come to the right place!

The hospitality complex in Moshav Eitan invites you to enjoy the best of both worlds:

The complex is located near Kiryat Gat and adjacent to rout 6’s exit. 

The complex offers you nature, quiet and breathtaking pastoral scenery, a short drive from home.

The villa is located in a clean, spacious and well-equipped area and offers a pleasant and satisfying parking space for groups of up to 30 people.

The highlight is our yard – humongous and well-kept vegetation, trampoline, sitting areas and, two separate swimming pools So that the pleasure would be perfect.

Conferences and meetings

For your next event, we invite you to leave the box and the city.

And surprise your audience at a slightly different seminar, in a country atmosphere that opens the hearts and minds.

Our accommodation in Moshav Eitan, near Kiryat Gat and the exit from Highway 6, offers everything you need for a productive, successful and experiential day.

The complex has a villa with a large and spacious living room with additional rooms that can be adapted for group workshops.

In addition, you will find a huge, well-kept and luxurious courtyard that includes two separate swimming pools, suitable for any outdoor activities you choose.

The complex is in a quiet and secluded location and can be easily reached.

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